Hook and Son

Phil has been on the farm all his life, establishing the herd in 1959 and gaining tenancy in 1972. Stephen is Phil's eldest son and he joined the partnership in 1991.  Our aim is to manage a dairy herd that is truly sustainable; caring for the wildlife and environment around us, whilst making the farm viable enough to support our family. We converted the farm to organic farming methods in 1998, achieving Soil Association certification in August 2000. This means that we farm without the use of any chemicals or routine antibiotics.  We sell our milk on our two local milk rounds, farmers markets in London, including Borough Market, and also offer a pioneering nationwide delivery service.

Delivering our milk to you straight from the farm means that not only is it extremely fresh, you also know the exact source of your milk. With our weekly newsletter you can really get to feel that you are part of the farm. Don't forget, our milk is raw milk, it hasn't been pasteurised or homogenised, and nothing has been added or taken away. The pastures are free of fertilisers and pesticides. This means that our milk is extremely natural and pure. We work with nature, so that our cows are happy in a stress free environment. The national average life of a dairy cow is six years. Our cows' average age is nine!