At the end of last week, we had our second herd TB test. We were more than hopeful that our herd would pass, and we would get back to selling our raw milk. I'm sorry to say that under severe interpretation of skin reaction to the test, we had three TB reactors.

It is a devastating blow for everyone here at the farm, and for all our customers who have been so patient waiting for our raw milk to come back. We have had the weekend to absorb the impact of what it means for our business.

Our cows now need to pass two consecutive tests, which means the soonest we will be able to sell raw milk again, will be towards the end of February 2019.

It will be an extremely tough time ahead for our farm to survive, as it has been raw milk that has made our farm sustainable. We all hope you are able to continue to support our farm, even without raw dairy, We need your support more than ever!


We regret to announce that we have decided to cancel this year’s Mad Marsh Run event (scheduled 6th Oct 2018)
We are sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience our decision may cause, but we will be back next year with what we hope will be a fantastic event for you! We will announce the date of our first event at some time in October. In the meantime, get your running shoes on and prepare for the Mad Marsh Run 2019!
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If you live in one of the following postcode areas you may be able to join one of our local milk delivery rounds:

BN8, BN20, BN21, BN22, BN24, BN26, BN27, TN21, TN33, TN35, TN34, TN37, TN38, TN39, TN40, TN19

PLEASE GIVE US A CALL ON 01323 449494 OR EMAIL: sales@hookandson.co.uk
You would be able to have our lovely organic, grass-fed, single herd, milk delivered the traditional way in returnable, reusable glass bottles, (or poly bottles if you prefer), along with our other products: grass-fed butter, cream, & ghee made from our organic milk; as well as free-range eggs from Dunsters' Farm at Cowbeech; organic smoothies from Court Lodge in Wartling; & local potatoes when in season