6 Pints Raw Organic Full Fat Milk, 3 x jars of Ghee
Paleo Pack
Our Price: £56.20
Your six pints of organic raw milk will be chilled down to 2C, and put into three, 2 pint milk containers. Your milk will then be put into a sealed insulated cardboard box along with 3 x 210g Grass-Fed Ghee and delivered to you within 24 hours of dispatch.

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Those customers who are following a Paleo Diet will know that butter and cream made from milk produced by cows on a grass-fed diet contain important nutrients like Vitamin K2.
This pack will contain the following products, delivered direct to your door:
6 Pints of Organic Raw Full Fat Milk
3 x 200g Unsalted Raw Butter
3 x 200g Lightly Salted Raw Butter (using Halen Mon Anglesey Sea Salt)
3 x 284ml Raw Cream
All Packed in an insulated box and Ice and delivered on a standard 24hr delivery, for your delivery day see the 'Go Shopping' Tab on the main website.

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