6 Pints Raw Organic Full Fat Milk, 3 x jars of Ghee
Glass Milk Bottles
Our Price: £20.00
You can now decant your milk into our lovely glass bottles when it arrives! You will receive 4 of the litre size with a screw cap for each bottle. Please note that they are NOT freezer proof. The price includes the delivery service by Parcel Force.

If you have asked for a timed delivery on a milk order, this will not apply to the delivery of the bottling kit
Your six pints of organic raw milk will be chilled down to 2C, and put into three, 2 pint milk containers. Your milk will then be put into a sealed insulated cardboard box along with 3 x 210g Grass-Fed Ghee and delivered to you within 24 hours of dispatch.

For your delivery day see the Go Shopping Tab on the main website.
Ghee 210g net weight
Our Price: £14.15
6 pints of organic raw milk (in 3 x 2-pint containers)
1 x 200g Unsalted Raw Butter
1 x 200g Lightly Salted Raw Butter
1 x 142ml small pot of Raw Cream
1 x 450g Raw Yoghurt

210g Jar of Ghee made from our Raw Butter here on the Farm. Ghee has a higher smoking point than any other frying oil.
Paleo Pack
Our Price: £56.20
Moo Man DVD
Our Price: £17.95
Those customers who are following a Paleo Diet will know that butter and cream made from milk produced by cows on a grass-fed diet contain important nutrients like Vitamin K2.
This pack will contain the following products, delivered direct to your door:
6 Pints of Organic Raw Full Fat Milk
3 x 200g Unsalted Raw Butter
3 x 200g Lightly Salted Raw Butter (using Halen Mon Anglesey Sea Salt)
3 x 284ml Raw Cream
All Packed in an insulated box and Ice and delivered on a standard 24hr delivery, for your delivery day see the 'Go Shopping' Tab on the main website.
This is the story of our Farmer Steve 'The Moo Man' and how he and his father Phil who together decided to turn their back on the cost cutting supermarkets and dairies to sell direct. It will make you laugh on the rollercoaster of emotions of the strong relationship between Steve and our wonderful herd of Holstein Freisians.