If you live in one of the following postcode areas you may be able to join one of our local milk delivery rounds:
BN8, BN20, BN21, BN22, BN24, BN26, BN27, TN21, TN33, TN35, TN34, TN37, TN38, TN39, TN40

PLEASE GIVE US A CALL ON 01323 449494 OR EMAIL: sales@hookandson.co.uk
You would be able to have our lovely raw milk delivered the traditional way in returnable, reusable glass bottles, (or poly bottles if you prefer), along with our other products; raw grass-fed butter, cream, yoghurt & ghee; as well as free-range eggs from Dunsters' Farm at Cowbeech; organic smoothies from Court Lodge in Wartling; Fuggles apple juice & local potatoes when in season

Ghee 12 Pints Raw Organic Full Fat Milk
Ghee 210g net weight
Our Price: £14.15
12 pints Raw Organic Milk
Our Price: £23.10

210g Jar of Ghee made from our Raw Butter here on the Farm. Ghee has a higher smoking point than any other frying oil.
Your twelve pints of organic raw milk will be chilled down to 2C, and put into six, 2 pint milk containers.

Your milk will then be put into a sealed insulated cardboard box and delivered  to you within 24 hours of dispatch.

For your delivery day see the Go Shoping Tab on the main website.
Moo Man DVD
Our Price: £17.95
Our Price: £3.00
This is the story of our Farmer Steve 'The Moo Man' and how he and his father Phil who together decided to turn their back on the cost cutting supermarkets and dairies to sell direct. It will make you laugh on the rollercoaster of emotions of the strong relationship between Steve and our wonderful herd of Holstein Freisians. NEW ORGANIC LABNEH A Middle Eastern Style Yogurt Cheese 160 g made by Court Lodge Organics this product has been awarded a 2 star Gold in the Great Taste Awards 2017 Add your own inspiration, salt, herbs, spices, olive oil etc for delicious dips and spreads.